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Hello Beautiful Humans!

Most of you know me as Ashley, but some of you may know me from my Instagram as @sunshine.meraki. Whether it is your first time here or you have walked this adventurous path with me for quite some time, welcome!

I was born in Philadelphia and have been a wanderer ever since. I have lived in six different states and two different countries. I recently moved to Georgia and I am currently soaking up the southern charm in Savannah. I live with my three beautiful fur babies. I have two cats named Onyx and Flint, and the sweetest Pit bull named Sav. I am blessed with the opportunity to be a full time Registered Nurse and Yoga Teacher.

When I am not at the hospital, I am teaching yoga, training acrobatic yoga, or finding someway to get my hands dirty with an adventure. I love staying busy and normally if I'm not moving its because I have pet paralysis a.k.a. the inability to move due to an animal sleeping on my lap that is too cute to disturb.

I have always been an active person having played pretty much every sport and loved all of them. I'm most passionate about dancing, which I started at three years old. Through college I cheered and lifted weights, doing normal exercise and recreational activities.

I found myself not really enjoying the monotony of the gym routine after a while and I wanted something more meaningful in my life than what I felt when I spent hours doing the same thing over and over. Even though I was a dancer I wasn't flexible, so when somebody suggested yoga I kind of giggled and told them flat out that yoga wasn't working out-- that was just stretching.

A few months later I began taking yoga more seriously and it has truly saved my life. It has given me so much more than just a body tune up. I have felt the life force flow through my body as I have developed my practice from just 15-30 minutes here and there into regular daily practice. I have grown while learning yoga and meditation, and I feel my mind, body, and spirit have all come closer to equilibrium.

Yoga has led me to start caring about what I have going on inside and outside my body. I have begun a healthy lifestyle, fueling my body with good food, meditation, and movement. My life has developed in a way I never thought possible for myself. Yoga has worked its way into my heart so much so that I am fortunate enough to now be anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication free. Becoming 200 hr YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) certified has further solidified the freedom this practice has given me, as I can spread health and wellness to others and help them along their journeys.

For the past two years I have been discovering my own sense of health and wellness. I recently learned I am gluten intolerant and I live best as a vegan. The change in diet was challenging at first, but I really enjoy baking and cooking so it has been fun to discover the culinary arts of veganism, and I believe it has been important to express myself without shaming others for their own diets or practices.

Some of my other passions other than flowing on my mat are traveling, acrobatic yoga, human connection, random dancing, making a difference, singing, anything outdoor adventure, and cuddling my fur babies. My ultimate goal for why I became 200 hr YTT certified is to help others find their own light and beautiful unique presence in this world through yoga and meditation. Through social media I want to share my practice and the little things I have picked up along the way that have made life a little more blissful. I'll be keeping it real, always sharing the things in my practice that I am working on along with real life adventures and trials. There will be a whole lot of fur baby cuddles and ultimately, a lot of love.