Meraki Yoga

60 minutes (all levels)

50 minutes of guided mindful movement with a 10 minute savasana. With each practice I invite you to take a moment for yourself and press pause on the outside world; flow into your true nature and find your true soul. Meraki movement is to move with your entire soul, creatively, and lovingly. The essence of yourself is born from mindful movement on your mat, flowing into your daily life. To learn to become one with your breath is to become one with your life force, also known as prana. Let it flow within you and throughout you.  Tune in to your prana throughout your practice and guide your flow one mindful breath at a time. Yoga is molding the mind and the body, which uplifts the spirit, meeting at an equilibrium for a successful and happy life. My classes are for all levels and my hope is to leave you with tired body and a restful, happier soul.



(all levels)

Meditation is not the absence of thought. It is tuning into your mind to recognize all that occurs in your subconscious, which creates your perception of life and possibly distorts it. Meditation is necessary to recognize your limiting thoughts and beliefs, and then to acknowledge them so they may change into lighter thoughts, one breath at a time. With each meditation you will learn to create a higher vibration for your life, manifesting exactly what your heart desires so that you may obtain it in your life.


Kids Yoga

60 minutes

During our 45 minute class the kids will learn to focus and become one with their breath and  bodies through visualization exercises and they learn a little bit of anatomy. They will be prepared for school by learning to respect all of those around them and to respect themselves by listening and working together in group poses. This is a free expression class, encouraging all to use their imagination and grow. The last fifteen minutes will be free expression time. 



Private Events

Life is full of celebrations and hard times. If you are looking for a meaningful way to gather your friends together? Send me an email for the event or idea you have and it would be my pleasure to cultivate the perfect way to come together and connect. These events include but not limited to:

  • Girls night out: sisterhood centered yoga and meditation

  • Birthday party: celebrate another year of this gift we call life surrounded by those you love building and connecting together

  • Bridal party

  • Bachelorette party

  • Blessingway: a sacred ceremony celebrating the expected mother and her baby before birth. surrounding the mom to be with multigenerational knowledge, wisdom, and love.

  • Weddings: Wedding day mindful flow and meditation of love for all guests or bridal/ groom party

  • Corporate team building and communication retreat

  • Couples yoga

  • mommy and me